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Meet Abitha Venkataraman

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Passionate Athlete

I reside in Singapore , surrounded by a lovely family with a supportive husband and 2 amazing kids. I am a passionate athlete and a committee member of Singapore Masters’ Track and Field Association. I possess 15 years of global IT  work experience in US, Singapore and India.

Amidst my tight work schedule, I have always wanted to inspire children and adults with my experiences. I recently started coaching children on self esteem development, self motivation and emotional regulation. These classes helped them attain awareness on how one needs to act holistically to bring their best.

Energized by the impact I was able to bring in the young minds, I decided to call it quits to my IT career. I am now working full-time now running coaching programs for adults and children. Through these, I aim to create a positive impact on an individual's lifestyle through my professional, parenting and global experiences.

I strongly believe that "Clarity of thought and purity of mind are key for a happy and peaceful life."

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