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Physical Wellness

Detox Yoga For Adults
(Internal cleanse for external beauty)

Yogic kriyas are special yoga techniques developed by yogis, which are meant to cleanse the internal organs. Periodic internal detoxification is crucial for physical and mental wellbeing.

Program Type: 1-1

Program Duration : 8 sessions

Session Duration : 1 hour

Mode : In Person


Yoga For Sportsperson
(Maximize efficiency and Minimize Injury)

Yoga helps a sportsperson to feel and understand the body processes more accurately, thereby helping learn what the body needs. By understanding this, a sportsperson can work on areas that need attention. 

Program Type: 1-1 / Group Sessions

Session Duration : 1 hour

Mode: In Person / Online

Runner From Above

Yoga For Adults
(Stretch - Breathe - Relax)

Non-yogic physical exercises have an effect on muscular, circulatory and respiratory systems whereas yogasanas further stimulate our nervous as well as endocrine systems. 

Program Type: 1-1 / Group Sessions

Session Duration : 1 hour

Mode : In person / Online

Yoga Pose

Yoga For Sedentary Lifestyle
(Steer clear of negative health effects)

Sedentary lifestyle  is the way of leading a life that involves bare minimum or no physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle stems from sedentary behavior.

Program Type: Customized Workshops (Corporates / Groups)

Session Duration : 1-4 hours

Mode : In person / Online


Woman's Wellness Yoga
(Take charge of your health and age gracefully)

Yoga benefits women by reducing stress, increasing flexibility and strengthening focus of the mind. Women’s wellness yoga is designed to nurture, nourish and restore vitality for women experiencing any kind of conditions related to the hormonal issues like thyroid, diabetes, PMS, PCOD, PCOS, menstrual disorders, menopause issues and many more.

Program Type: Group / Personalized

No.of Sessions: 10

Session Duration : 60 mts

Mode : In person / Online

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