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Image by Dave Hoefler

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence,
so that’s very important for good health
-Dalai Lama

Mental Wellness

Destress Your Mind
(Slowdown  Relax  Destress)

"Stress" is a common term we hear from people of all ages in this modern world. Stress occurs due to a variety of reasons.

Yogic science provides varied tools and techniques which help relax our mind. Breathing deeply helps us to become more mindful, reduces stress levels and changes our focus so that we become grounded in our bodies. Through regular practice of relaxation techniques coupled with guided meditation, we can relax our mind which in turn helps to cope up with our mental health.

Program Type: 1-1 / Group Sessions / Corporate Workshops

Program Duration : 10 sessions

Session Duration : 1 hour

Session Mode : In Person / Online

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