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Client Feedback

Radhika Ramachandran, India
Women's Wellness Yoga

I had been suffering from back pain and knee pain for a few months which has been interrupting my dance practice and performance.

With these sessions, I was able to learn the correct ways of doing the asanas. With constant practice, I was able to manage my back and knee pain and am now back with my dance practice and performances.

Harini Balaji, Inda
Women's Wellness Yoga

The session helped me in understanding the hormonal glands and other internal organs. The course offered different asanas which could be practiced to activate and stimulate various internal organs. The practice of these asanas helped me to be fitter and more flexible. 

I gained a lot from these sessions and hope to continue to put them into practice.

Divya Suresh, Singapore
Women's Wellness Yoga

Netra , Singapore
Yoga For Teens

Yoga for teens program was very helpful and helped me to stay active and fit during the holidays. The teacher was very good and gave detailed explanations. She helped us when we struggled with the poses.

Practicing the poses from this sessions helped to ease my backpain.

Avyuktha , Singapore
Yoga For Teens

I enjoyed the yoga for teens program. It was a good way to understand and build core strength. I used to have period crams in the initial days which used to interrupt with my athletic practices. After working on my core strength through these sessions now barely feel any cramps during my period days and I am able to continue with my practices.

Thank you ABHYASA for designing such a thoughtful program for teenagers.

Thank you, Abitha, for the wonderful yoga sessions.

Abitha is very knowledgeable and explains the poses and the benefits of the yoga poses and the correct technique to do the same. She crafts our private yoga session based on my needs and requests and takes time to explain and answer any queries I have.

Arul Saravanan , USA
Personal Yoga Sessions

Ismail Wajeeh, Singapore
Yoga For Sports

If you are an athlete, yes YOGA is very much needed. I am new to Athletics and am a newbie to yoga too. but an athlete definitely needs to take up yoga I believe. I am really grateful to get Abitha as my yoga instructor. she is conducting "Yoga for Sports" for few athletes including me.

The patience she has and the very clear n understanding way, she gives instructions is what every one of us look for. And Abitha being an athlete herself, she knows what type yoga will suit us better.

I am more than happy attending her sessions. Thank you

Bindu Raj, Singapore
Personal Yoga Sessions

Abitha is an amazing, dedicated yoga teacher. I highly recommend her due to expert knowledge of body movement & techniques to improve flexibility & her attention. This perception helped me to correct & improve techniques. She also caters individual plans to achieve individual goals throughout each session. I absolutely encourage others to try out a session with her.

Abitha has authenticity and  enormous passion and patience for teaching yoga.

All throughout my life I had been athletic person and very much in to running/trekking /boxing. When I got introduced to "Yoga For Sports" by Abitha , I understood that I had strength but was lacking flexibility. And yoga is all about brining right balance between flexibility, mobility, strength and balance.

The breathing practices helped me to be energetic throughout the day.

Zaki Khazi, USA
Yoga For Sports

Aafia Zaki, USA
Mental Conditioning To Be A Champion Athlete

Cricket player

South Zone USA

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