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Helping to discover a "Better You"

About Abhyasa

Abhyasa is a Sanskrit word meaning "practice" or "constant and consistent effort"  that aims at achieving a tranquil state of mind. Abhyasa implies action without interruption or action that’s not easily distracted, discouraged, or bored. Abhyasa builds on itself, just as a ball rolling downhill picks up momentum; the more we practice, the more we want to practice, and the faster we reach our destination.

Abhyasa also means “to be present.” This reminds us that for our actions to be effective, we must always be intensely present to what we’re doing.  Through  constant and consistent effort we can master the art of being present in all our day to day activities.

All the programs offered at Abhyasa revolve around these principles. I believe that the key for personal wellness lies in doing simple things with extraordinary discipline"

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